Youtube Real Ranking For High & Targeted Views


Youtube Real Ranking For High & Targeted Views 1000=13$

27th Oct New Updated!! Better suit Asia video, as some countries as Japan, Korea, China countries have some drop issue which needs auto-refill server is better to use this server for option.

Fastest Start & Completed Server / WW Views / Lowest Drop & 100% Non-Drop Use This Best

Highly Recommended Exclusive Service Best Private Server~ Fastest Real-Time Hour Speed Custom For High Amount Video Boost Up!!

Instant Speed And Completed, But After Completed Wait Youtube Updated The Views Will All Show Do Not Worry.

Good For Emergency And Fastest Show All Views!! But Random Drop Retention Issue!! Best For Ranking Fast / Competition Fastest Show Views / Fast Hour Speed Show~

Random Retention: 1-5 Mins No Drop. Low Drop (If too long video may drop)

Our Server Dash Statistics Approved 100% Safe And Completed % By Country Result And Report Fast In Market Less Drop / Non-Drop Views.

Suit All Length Of Videos

Real Views / Private Server
Instant Start & Fast
After Start Will Goes To 1K-5K Speed Pattern
No Drop

V6 = Newest Version
Extra Bonus Engagement Views (10-20% Organic Views From Ads / PC / Mobile)
100% Safe White Traffic
Traffic Sources: Worldwide Traffic Real-Time
Geolocation: A+ Region Country
Sources Can Bring Some Organic Views
Fastest Views / Good For SEO Ranking
Any Real Random High HR Retention

Best Embed Views And Management!!

Long Video Can Be Used

Server Max Up to 10B
Real-Time Speed Up 100K-300K+
Suggest: Min-3M per time

Lifetime Refill Full Amount Back (Auto Refill)

Enter Full Video Link ie:

Drop Ratio: Low (If High Amount May Small Drop Back)

Our low / no drop views policy / issue:

*Remember if your client bring me high drop order, it will drop below start to fix, this is not my problem, and we will fix it for you if you use all orders to us first 1 month, do not stop orders, and until you remove all your high drop server

*Remember is order stuck due to old views drop will happen. If you found this issue, please stop using the old views server again, and bring them to us, our views after added will not falling, but some inactive issue missing views will happen 5-10% issue of totally order by server support issue. We will refill instead or a partial refund possible!!!

*Our order 5-10% will inactive by country, content, category, or server support missing. But overall 90% is no drop and many extra views and stable after added on


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